Vegan meatballs

8-10 servings; 10 min preparation; 40 min cooking time. The recipe for today features meatballs, but without any meat. Meat-lovers will think it sounds weird, but they do taste like real ones. Of course they are healthier and delicious. 

Chicken and broccoli bake

4 servings; 10 min preparation; 40 min cooking time. I was planning to make a chicken and vegetables stir-fry, but I really didn’t like the idea of using so much oil to prepare a dish. So I used the ingredients in different very easy way. 

Turkey fillet en papillote

2 servings; 10 min preparation; 30 min cooking time. Eating lean protein after your workout is the best way to recover your muscles. That’s exactly what I needed yesterday after my heavy training, so I made a simple, easy and fast dish to help me recover. This dish is not only healthy and good for…

Meatless Friday Veggie cake

4 servings; 20 min preparation; 45 min cooking time. I had some sweet potatoes from my Buddha bowl yesterday and some other vegetables that I was planning to use, but I changed my mind, so I found an easy way to use them all in one ovenbaked dish. So it’s meatless Friday today. 

Raspberries and Lime cake

15-16 servings; 20 min preparation; 60 min baking. Happy Monday, everyone! It’s happy, because it’s time for a sweet beginning of the week. The sweetness today comes from these beautiful fresh raspberries that I found in the local market. 

Zucchini au gratin

4 servings; 15 min preparation; 40 min cooking time. The recipe for today features a favorite vegetarian dish from my childhood with a twist. It’s light, full of herbs and very yummy au gratin. And if you like zucchini like me, you will like this recipe as well. 

Strawberry poke cake

10-12 servings; 50 preparation; 3 hours waiting; 40 min cooking time. It’s Monday again, so it’s time for a sweet start of the week. I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate than delicious vanilla with strawberries.

Sweet lemon layered cake

9-12 servings; 15 min preparation; 1 h cooking time. This recipe is similar to another, I published before. I made two similar cake batches with different flavors and slightly changed the recipe. The lemon flavor of these bars is so fresh and yummy!

Portuguese buns

4 servings; 15 min preparation; 45 min cooking In my opinion, the first thing that every cook should learn how to make, is bread. It’s one of the essentials that every one of us eats daily. Instead of buying those expensive luxe buns from the bakery, you could bake them at home. You can use…

King’s day muffins

14 servings; 20 min preparation; 30 min cooking. It’s our national holiday today – King’s day, so as the tradition says, I made something with orange color. I was wondering what I could make that is not typical and expected and I came with the idea for these muffins.

Very special browies

16 (8) servings; 20 min preparation; 30 min cooking time. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. I don’t use it often in my recipes and don’t eat it. But when your friends ask for something indulgent and special, you can’t just refuse the request. That’s why I made very special…

Cheesy heart meatballs

6-8 portions; 30 min preparation; 15 min cooking time. I’m celebrating a milestone today! It’s my 100th post on my blog. My blog has also a little birthday, since it’s three months old already. It’s amazing how fast time goes by and how many people cross your way in such a short amount of time….