Portuguese adventures part II

As much as I love Lisbon, there are more places in Portugal that are worth visiting. Our journey continued  to Sintra, Algarve and Évora – beautiful parts of the country that offer so much. Trip to Sintra If you are staying in Lisbon for couple of days, you might consider visiting Sintra. It’s a small…

Visiting beautiful Portugal

I was recently in Portugal – one of my favorite places in Europe. When we talk about food and good wine, this is definitely the place to be. There are so many delicious dishes and sweets to try. 

Cuzco – the old Inca’s capital

We reached our final destination Cuzco – the old Inca capital. We are staying here for four days and it’s much easier from here to reach Machu Picchu, since there is a direct train to Aguas Calientes. The wonder of the world is located just above it.

Visiting Puno

Our next stop was Puno, located on the coast of the lake Titicaca – the highest lake in the world. It’s amazing to see the lake from the hill. The views are stunning!

The taste of Chivay

After visiting Arequipa, we travelled to Puno. Because this trip is quite long, we stayed for a day in a small place in the mountains called Chivay. It was the perfect opportunity to visit the Cruz del Condor. 

Visiting Arequipa

Arequipa is the second biggest city in Peru, but in my opinion the most beautiful so far. It’s located on about 550 km South of Lima. Its colonial style buildings and landmarks are so beautiful that you won’t like to leave. If you have the opportunity, visit the colonial center with the big cathedral, the…

Road trip from Nazca to Camaná

Visiting Nazca Most people visit Nazca because of the pre-inca figures, drawn on the ground. I agree that it’s a spectacular view, if you see the lines from above. There is a small airport, where many companies offer flights above the valley. The view is worth every cent, so don’t hesitate to book a flight….

Peruvian food journey

My food journey took me to Peru, where I’m staying for three weeks. My trip begins in the capital Lima and continues South along the coast to Pisco, Nazca and Camaná. After a week along the coast, we will climb to 2300 m above the sea level and visit Arequipa. The week after I’m heading…

Mexican food adventures

Hey my beautiful foodies, This article is slightly different from what you are used to read on my blog. My Mexican food journey came to an end and I wanted to write a summary of my experience there. I can tell you everything about the culture and history of this beautiful country, but this is…