Mexican food adventures

Hey my beautiful foodies,

This article is slightly different from what you are used to read on my blog. My Mexican food journey came to an end and I wanted to write a summary of my experience there. I can tell you everything about the culture and history of this beautiful country, but this is a subject of another blog. My goal, going there, was to try as many flavors and dishes as I can, to see how the natives prepare food, to learn about every different ingredient and to compare my dishes with the real deal. Well, I admit, I tried too many dishes, but it was so worth it. 

I assume many of you will agee that Mexico is an amazing country. It has so much to offer in every sense. It will be an understatement, but I really loved this place. And the food … It’s all about the food!

My Mexican journey started in Tulum, Quintana Roo. The hotel, where we stayed had a great restaurant that offered a la carte traditional Mexican cuisine. Another restaurant in the resort, was specialized in Mexican gourmet food, which helped me to taste both sides of the medal. The food offered by both of them was great – very well prepared, served in a very classy and elegant manner, full of flavor.

Eating cactus
Before going to Mexico, I’ve never had the opportunity to eat cactus, so I was eager to try. The taste is quite surprising. It’s a little slimy, sour and crunchy, but not that hard. I could make some association with pickled green beans, but of course is not the same. I really enjoyed the taste. Mexicans use cactus for salads. There was a very tasty one with white young cheese and mango sauce.

Or you can eat it as a tostada. In stead of the crunchy tortilla, they put a whole cactus leave. Trust me on this one – the dish tastes great.

Shredded chicken Mayan way
The best tacos that I tried during my trip were prepared by the mayan women in the reserve in Temozón,  about an hour away from Chichen Itza. Locals have a very typical way to prepare chicken. The meat is prepared in a slow cooker with delicious chipotle in abodo sauce. Our guide “warned” us that the best part of eating tacos is when the sauce starts dropping from your elbow 😉 Seriously, he couldn’t be more right. After the first heavenly bite, you forget about the sauce dropping on your shoes. A very messy, but really amazing experience!

This shredded chicken is very common for the whole country. Mexicans use for tacos, tostadas or even as a small entrée.

Habanero salsa

Let’s not forget about the delicious chili salsa sauces they have. I tried quite a few and might say that Habanero salsa is by far the most spicy I know. If you don’t like spicy food, you should stay away from this one. It was quite a challenge even for someone like me who loves very spicy food. If you can handle the heat, try a borrito with different salsas on top. It’s recommended!

Don’t forget the drinks

When you think about Mexico, tequila comes into your mind. First of all the taste of the tequila in Mexico is very different from the one sold abroad, because it doesn’t contain ethanol. So it has softer, warmer taste and doesn’t give you a headache. Locals drink tequila reposado or rested for two to twelve months in oak barrels, or añejo, stored for at least a year. They are both very different from the white one, sold in other countries – tequila plata, younger than two months. Locals don’t drink this type at all. 

One thing I learned there was that outside the country people don’t know how to drink tequila. There is no licking of hands and putting salt involved. Mexicans drink the tequila first. Then they follow with a wedge of salty lime. Simple and delicious.

Another thing that most people don’t know is that they produce many sorts of flavored tequila – with vanilla, almond, kiwi, coffee and up to at least 18 tastes. Yes, I tries most of them, only for research purposes of course. The vanilla tequila is divine! Unfortunately they don’t export these types, so they are not known.

I can’t leave my favorite drink unmentioned – mojito. Okay, it’s officially a Cuban drink, but everyone drinks it there. It’s sweet, cold and so refreshing. Nothing tastes better than a glass of mojito on the beach.

Wall of fame
These are some of the dishes I tried in Mexico. I can’t take any credit for cooking them, but they were all carefully tasted and deconstructed by me.

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Non-food recommendations:

  • Stay in Catalonia Royal Tulum. It’s a resort between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Check the resort here:
  • Visit Chichen Itza. It’s really magical and breathtaking place.
  • Visit Xcaret for a Mexican show and a fantastic gourmet 7-course dinner with champagne:
  • Swim in a cenote. The Hubiku cenote is spectacular:

Thank you for taking te time to read all this! I wish you a fabulous day!

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